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Caboto Seafoods Limited is an aggressive participant in the seal processing industry, the plant is located in Fleur De Lys, Baie Verte city, Newfoundland where is on the Atlantic seaside.

Newfoundland is geographically remote and sparsely populated, this ensures a natural original ecological environment and clean sea environment! In the fishery, the cold currents from the Arctic Circle met with the warm currents from the Gulf of Mexico near Newfoundland, and St. Lawrence River from here enter the sea, this unique geographical and climatic environment bring more nutrients together here, which attracting a large number of marine life come to this area to prey, spawn and reproduct. Newfoundland fishing grounds was one of the world's four largest fishing grounds.

Caboto Seafoods Limited has been in operation since 1997 and originally partnered with companies that have been active in the Canadian fishery for more than 30 years.

Caboto is the exclusive world-wide producer of refined seal oil utilizing the patented Sea-land Refining System. This exclusive, refining process results in the highest quality seal oil available anywhere in the world. The specially designed technology allows the highest levels of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA and DPA) and doesn’t result in any degradation of the oil, as occurs in the traditional heat refining method.

Caboto combines current research, harvesting and manufacturing processes to create the highest quality seal products for the international market. All products are made in licensed, government-regulated and inspected facilities. Our industry is supervised and regulated by the Canadian Department of Fisheries, and Oceans and our provincial Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. Our production factory is certified by the CFDA in Canada.

Caboto primary partners are located in China and NL, Canada.




Our resource are from geographically remote and sparsely populated site - Newfoundland
Products sold under our brand are caught by our own vessels and processed in our processing plants.
We offer an unbroken chain from catch to delivery
We have obtained Fish Processing Licence for Seal/Pelagics, SFDA, QMP and etc.


The sea around Newfoundland is extremely clean. Seafood from Newfoundland is therefore wholesome, nutritious and a sought-after product. Caboto is a vertically integrated company, which ensures an unbroken chain from catch to delivery to our customers. Products sold under our brand are caught by our own vessels and processed in our processing plants. The company prides itself on high quality, wholesome products from the clean ocean around Newfoundland. We ensure complete traceability of our products through strict procedures. Our quality system ensures that it is possible to trace the origin of the product through our production and all the way back to the sea. 

Caboto produces a full range of seal products. Caboto Seafoods Limited’s production emphasis is on the full, responsible utilization of the seal.

The products we produce include seal meat and organ products, fur and leather and Caboto Seafood’s marquee products-“Heart of the sea and Glacier Gold” brands of refined seal oil capsules, “Heart of the sea” harp seal oil capsule production has obtained the Health Food Import License from SFDA successfully.


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